Prosthetic Arm Marking

“I used the POP to scan a cast of my son’s stump so I could make a new prosthetic arm for him. I have used Artech down to Kinect and have to say the POP is pretty good! I need to do the update but can already see this being a workhorse for me at my non-profit digital O&P company. ”

——-Ben Ryan

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Orthopedic Shoes Making

“As an orthopedic shoemaker, I scan casts made from feet.My laser scanner is getting old, I was looking for a replacement scanner. So I took the chance and ordered a POP scanner. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the scans: they are more detailed than necessary for my purpose. But this accuracy opens other possibilities for this little scanner! I have attached some photos and screenshots of casts, scans, the digital lasts and an example of some of the orthopedic shoes we make (with the lasts still inside). ”


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