POP 2 3D Scanner(Infrared Light丨Precision 0.05mm)

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Finally getting awesome results!!

I have the POP2, POP-Mini and recently received the POP-Range. While I was struggling in the beginning to get good results and trying for ages to make the POP2 work without scan spray as promoted I finally get really impresive results! Like a year agon it was tricky to setup softwareparameters correctly and tweak the lighing to not loose tracking and dont get anwanted artifacts. Just tried the new software as beta and it is 1000 times better! The scanner is capable of doing great work hardware wise - the software was too glitchy - UNTILL NOW. I was able to achieve acceptable results before as well, but it took longer and would not recommand this for beginners - it was not "plug and play". It still needs some trial and error but now I would say anyone get get the scanner running with a little patience. Biggest issue is still that the scanner looses tracking some time so the round markers on the turntable get striped after a rotation for example - but then the new software comes and does its magic and everything is fine. Good job revopoint! I am glad you keep on improving the software and it stay compatible through all models!! The only downside I really wish would be improved already with the POP 2 to change from this mirco USB3 to a moden usb-C.
For small objects I have setup the turntable and scanner inside a black euro-box to limit colour reflections in case RGB is needed and to stop the scanner from catching bright background. See below scanning results of the sample after 2 rotations in two slightly different angles as well as my setup with the euro-box, laptop on top and led light, scanner and turntable inside. For 5 stars the scanner needs to be pure plug and play - but it is really close now - maybe after a further update.


Ótimo!!! Por muito tempo, procurei uma solução acessível para digitalizar objetos complexos de tamanhos médios e grandes. O Pop 2 lida bem com essas tarefas.
Uma excelente solução para digitalização doméstica ou produção onde você precisa digitalizar objetos médios e grandes. Tudo é conveniente e compreensível. Os programas funcionam bem.


It is awesome! I tried it on a few objects and on a person. I have nothing to complain! It does it's job better than I expected. The softwares (for desktop and the mobile app for iOS) are very helpful and intuitive.

Eduardo Paschoa
Awesome budget scanner, but with huge features!

I've started using it and wow!
Super easy to use, super nice resolution...
I recommend to anyone that is in the market looking for a 3D scanner at this pricepoint.
A huge thumbs up also is the hability to use any OS that you're up to, even on Mobile!

Best scanner I have owned

I would definitely recommend this to other people for the price point as well as the features and capability of the scanner are endless. The fact that you can use a stationary or portable is amazing

What's in the box?

POP 2 3D Scanner


Phone Holder

2-in-1 Mobile Cable

Calibration Board

USB Cable (Type C)

USB Cable (Type A)

Gift( Sample Statue, Glue Tack, Black Sheet and Markers)

POP 2 3D Scanner


Phone Holder

2-in-1 Mobile Cable

Calibration Board

USB Cable (Type C)

USB Cable (Type A)

Carrying Case

Power Bank

Mini Turntable

Extended Plate

Reusable Sticky Pad

Gift( Sample Statue, Glue Tack, Black Sheet and Markers)

Most Popular Accessories

Mobile Kit

Dual-Axis Turntable

Carry Case

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Full Specifications


Dual camera infrared structured light

Light Source

Class 1 Infrared Laser


154.6 x 38.2x 25.6 (mm)

Single-frame Precision


Tracking Methods

Feature, Marker

Printable Data Output

3D printing ready models

Point Distance

0.15 mm

Output Format


Compatible with

Windows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, MAC

Single Capture Range

210mm x 130mm

Textured Scan




Working Distance

150 ~ 400 mm

Special Object Scanning

For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray.

Connector Type

Micro USB

Minimum Scan Volume

20×20×20 (mm)

Scanning Environment

Indoor and outdoor, but not in direct sunlight.

Scan Speed

Up to 10 fps

Scanner Weight



Note: *Accuracy was tested in a standard lab environment. Results might vary depending on the operating environment. * Windows 7 is not supported

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